Our three core values are woven through every decision we take and form the foundations on which we’ll grow.  Our model is one of true partnership across our supply chain as nothing we create is created alone.


We truly want to create a brand that our collaborators and customers can trust to be transparent, honest and engaged. We do what we say we’ll do, share the provenance of our garments and interact in an open manner.


Quality is too narrow a term. We’d like our garments to remain relevant through generations and seasons alike and to be made of the finest raw materials that enhance our pieces with age. We are intentionally seasonless, preferring to reflect these changes through our choice of materials, rather than through styling. You will also not find us limiting our cuts to one gender.


We strive to minimise our mark on the environment. We produce in the UK, which not only helps to support the ongoing relevance of skills honed over many centuries, but also minimises the distance both our garments and our team travels. We consider the sustainability of our entire supply chain, from the smallest components to the finished article.